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“Chinese medicine views the human body as a microcosm of the universe, and they make no distinctions between ‘nature’ and ‘human nature’, as in Western dualism, which isolates man from his roots in nature.” - Daniel Reid, Chinese Health & Healing

Welcome to Elementals Herbs – a company I founded 15 years ago and developed into a trusted resource for herbal information, health and wellness programs and quality botanical products. Education is our primary mission and the elemental wisdom of both east and west healing traditions is blended in my workshops, programs and consultations.

Elements are the basic components that form the universe and the 5 Element Cycle in Chinese Medicine links body, mind and spirit with the forces of nature. This inspired my company name, Elementals.

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The 5 Elements of Chinese Herbs – a one year certification program designed for health care professionals and offered at Norwalk Community College and The New York Open Center

Classes and Workshops – a wide range of topics are available for 60-90
minute presentations to groups interested in learning about botanical medicine
and the elements of health.

Wellness Programs – support groups and one-on-one sessions available to
provide the information and support you need to transition to a healthier life style

On-line Pharmacy – is operated by Emerson Ecologics, a distributor of
high quality botanicals and supplements. Access is restricted and requires a

Herbal Tid-Bits – several short articles from past newsletters are currently
available. This section will expand with information as this site develops

Resources & Links of Interest – If you are surfing for herb information, these links
provide herb and nutrition information you can trust for accuracy and honesty

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Please check with your health care professional before taking any dietary,
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